Perspective Field Service Mobile App

Connect your entire workforce in real-time with Perspective’s dedicated field service mobile app.

Job Scheduling

Our mobile engineer and installers app connects your back office and field engineers/installer teams together in one easy to use system. Giving your teams the job information they need in the palm of their hand and making scheduling administration through our dedicated Perspective ERP scheduler module something to enjoy!

Scheduling staff can track live locations of their engineers and installers. Great when needing to allocate callouts to engineers and installers that are best located to respond.

See Scheduling in our Features section for more information, it’s not all about jobs with our feature rich scheduler!

Job Updates

Once an engineer or installer receives a new job, they can keep the office staff up to date with ongoing status changes in real-time. Your office staff will know immediately when an engineer accepts a job, when they begin travelling to site and when they arrive thanks to our travel tracking and driving times feature. They’ll also know when a job is complete thanks to notifications sent from within the app.

Job Information

Site assets will be automatically displayed along with the job description, notes and appointment time. From the mobile app the engineers and installers can view job attachments such as photos and any other useful files. They can even take photos using our dedicated photo app and the job scheduling staff see those photos in real-time.

Job Reports

Engineers and installers can use the app to automatically send completed job reports to the office;  which can include additional notes, photos, signatures, parts, assets, timesheets, expenses and much, much more.

Job Compliance

Perspective ERP mobile app is ideal for ensuring industry compliance.

We give your teams all essential health and safety forms to complete on the app. These include a full list of job-specific risk assessments and a full library of forms available for you to use. We can even create bespoke forms that suit your specific industry needs.