Customer Portal

Take customer service to the next level

Perspective lets your customers access the information that they need quickly and easily.

With the customer portal your customers can see what’s going on with quotes & orders, upload supporting information to jobs and download their invoices or anything else you want them to be able to access.

Say goodbye to a full mailbox!

How Big is your sent items folder?

Most people don’t really think or realise that every time you send documents or images on an email, those files take up space on you mailbox. It’s not uncommon for your sent items folder to take up 50% or more of the space used!

With the Perspective portal, you can say goodbye to sending huge and/or multiple attachments to your customers and have more control over how and when they can interact with the documents you need to send. The portal can hold all of the documents your customers need to see and even interact with so you don’t need to worry about how big all those files are!

You can set time limits as to how long those documents are available. So time sensitive things like quotes or estimates can be limited to say a 30 day limit before they need to be re-issued as prices can change.

Total Visibility

All your customers documents in one place

With Perspectives customer portal, your customers can access all their historic information quickly and easily.

Perspective keeps all your quotes and orders together and even groups linked documents in easy to understand views. Linked incidents & jobs are also grouped along with their respective images and forms so getting the information your customers need is simple.

Keep Track

Live Job Progression

Let your customers see when engineers are scheduled to arrive, who they are and what they are going to do.

Customers can view the estimated arrival time, see and upload additional images or files to assist the engineer and instantly see the progression as it happens.

Customers can also view the identity of the engineer(s) attending so they can feel re-assured that the person arriving is genuine.