Perspective Overview
Using Perspective we can help you maximise your customer sales by providing accurate product, pricing and delivery information to customers quickly and concisely. Get access to customer’s purchase history and account status quickly so that your sales team can add-value by making relevant recommendations for upgrades and cross-sales.
Perspective can support multiple sales channels. Using our data exchange system we can work with other perspective modules and third party products: online account service, tele-sales modules for outbound sales operations and trade counter support for efficient service in wholesale businesses. Across all channels, product images, data sheets, and flexible delivery options round out features essential to a modern, full-service sales function.
For distributors of light assembly and manufactured bespoke products made to order, we work closely with our clients to deliver a system that offers individual product configurators which can validate the product options, calculate material and resource usage and generate a fully costed quotation.
ForecastPricing flexibility is essential and with perspective it's designed to be controlled on a product by product, customer and order basis to give your sales team the best controlled flexibility & ensure that staff keep to targets or seek proper authorization before offering special pricing.
Available to Promise (ATP) calculations driven of the demand management layers of the systems are integrated with sales operations. Forecasting and inventory optimisation feed through the demand management process to ensure that goods can be delivered to the promised date and in full.
For international sales the correct documentation is essential. Perspectives template and case management tools allow you to easily control producing these from your ERP system, giving significant savings compared to agent’s fees.
Perspective sales feed straight into a complete view of pipelines, with reports and widgets designed to give you the information you need quickly.